High Performance Chemicals

High Performance Chemicals-immg3

GMS provides service to its customers through evaluation of Chemicals in use and studying the problem faced in a particular scenario. Based on its evaluation GMS advices usage of Generic chemical or a particular formulation which ever is effective and cheap.

GMS has also solved problems in many big installations in India where the problem faced by the customer was purely due to improper usage of branded chemicals or due to lack of understanding of the problem it self. GMS supplies High performance chemicals for cleaning, scale prevention, bio growth retardation, etc. These are extremely efficient in the control of fouling, removal of scales and flux restoration. These tailor made chemicals have been proven to be superior to generic chemicals, in some cases, besides being compatible with membranes.

  1. Antiscalent
  2. Sodium Hypochlorite
  3. SMBS
  4. EDTA
  5. Caustic
  6. Citric Acid
  7. Additive Z
  8. Formic Acid
  9. Butyl Cellosolve
  10. Butyl Acetate
  11. Cellosolve Acetate
  12. Corrosion Inhibitor
  13. Cleaners for Cooling Tower